E-course content descriptions are ready!

We have finished works on content description in English. Click on the title to see pdf file with the topic description.

1. What is a language?


2. Why do we need a language?


3. Why speech is not a language?


4. What is learning?


5. What are learning strategies?


6. What is language acquisition?


7. What is multi-bilingualism? Brain.


8. What has the brain to do with language?


9. What is multilingualism_bilingualism? Social issues.


10. What are the birth the evolution and the extinction of languages?


11. What are language families?


12. How do languages express figurative langauge?


13. Why it is so hard to translate?


14. How do languages express objects?


15. How do languages express activities?


16. How do languages express features?


17. What are functional elements languages?


18. What is grammar?


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